Returning to an old favourite

Have you ever used a product, stopped and the found it and again and asked yourself ‘why did I stop using this product?’ Yeah? Me too.

If you’ve been around here for even half a second you will know that for the most part my skin is pretty simple to manage and that I know how to handle it. But every now and again something will happen and my skin will do a complete 180 on me and get really temperamental.

Recently this happened again and it had me very frustrated because everything I tried wasn’t working, until… I stumbled into an old favourite, Coconut oil.

But I ran out of the oil I had been using for my skin and I didn’t have time to pick up a new bottle so I put some coconut oil on my skin as a quick fix and it was like a miracle slowly, but surely I watch all my dry patches melt away and my skin started breaking out a lot less.

Coconut oil has definitely return to the ranks and one of my holy grail products…

I realised that when your skin doesn’t work with you we all tend to run to the store and try new things, but sometimes it’s not about finding something new, but instead returning to the old things that have worked for you in the past.

Beauty and splendour,



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