Hair Update: The Braids are Back

*Singing* Reunited and and it feels so good!! Its true what they say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

For some context you might want to go read Braided break. But basically this is the crash course.  I used to love getting my hair braided, but I was getting tired of it and needed a break. I also realised that I actually had been natural for a couple of years and I had no idea how to actually build a hair care routine and take care of my hair.  So I stopped braiding my hair (I know there were pictures of me with braids this year, they are old pictures)

The past few months have been amazing I have learnt so much about how to take care of my hair, what it likes and what it doesn’t like. You know if you has asked me about deep conditioning a year ago i would have told you I thought it was a scam,  but after building it into my regimen and investing in my hair I have seen the huge difference it has made to my hair. In going on this journey I also stopped using heat on my hair and I have learnt other ways to stretch my hair.

I have also learnt to debunk some myths like wash day doesn’t have to take the whole day. I think the main thing I learnt is that no matter how much you research, read and watch YouTube videos personal experience will always be the best teacher, so if you are afraid take a leap and try something new with your hair.

Beauty and Splendour,


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