Update: Where Have I been?

So remember like 2 posts ago when I said that I was going to try be more consistent, well… It didn’t go very well, clearly.

The last month has been really intense for me as some of you may know I am a law student and literally all I can say is exam/ assignment season got me really bad. I was really stressed out which led to me not only being overwhelmed, but also left me uninspired and I had no idea what to write about.

On top of that I got a job during this period which obviously added more pressure on to me because I was expected to do more int he same amount of time. This meant that I had to get into a new routine and try to find a way to balance everything without letting my marks bear the brunt.

I know, I know I too find it hilariously ironic that my last post was about how to deal with feeling overwhelmed and I didn’t follow my own tips.

But I didn’t completely forget about you guys. In case you were wondering what music kept me sane during the month of June check down below for the playlist and i hope you enjoy My June Monthly Music Monday (On a Wednesday).

Beauty and Splendour,



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