How to Deal With Feeling Overwhelmed

Got too much work and no idea where to start? Well then this post is for you. Lol that sounded a little like a bad ad. But seriously sometimes life can get very busy and you can feel like you have so much to do and the 168 hours in the week are not enough for you to get everything done. These are my top tips for how not to feel like you’re losing your mind.

1.Take time for yourself

A lot of the time when you are feeling overwhelmed thee last thing you want to do it take a break, but the feeling can be very stressful.  What we forget is that staying in that emotional may do more harm than good because we may not be making decisions logically. So sometimes its good to take a moment to just step away from the situation and you can do this in many ways: meditate, paint your nails, make a snack or even run yourself a nice warm bath do whatever will take you mind away from the feeling for a short period of time sot hat when you come back to it you have a clearer mind.

2.Clean up

I never used to believe this, but it is true that a cluttered space begets a cluttered mind. Sometimes what might contribute to your feeling of not being able to focus of feeling like your mind is all over the place is your environment so take some time to clean up your space and I promise you it makes the world of difference.

3.Write down what you need to do

It has been proven that writing down what is stressing you out can lower your stress levels. SA large part o this is that remembering what you need to do and when you need to do it all by clutters your mind and then you have the fear that you are going to forget something which adds to the feeling of being overwhelmed. Get yourself a planner, piece of paper o r even the notes app on your phone. Instead of keeping all the information in your mind you have written it all down and voila you have more space in your mind to tackle the tasks at hand.

4.Create a plan of action and stick to it

Last but not least now that you know what you have to do prioritize what need to be done first. create a plan of action and stick tot he plan. Even if you work through it slowly you will find that actually getting a little done will bring you a greater sense of accomplishment than worrying about everything you need to do.

Things do pile up and life can get hectic of us all but I hope these tips will help you next time you feel like your head is going to explode.

Beauty and Spledour,


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