Back to Basics: Transitioner’s Tips

Fridays are dedicated to fros on this blog because it’s FRODAAY! and if you read lat friday’s post you will know that I decided to take a step back and do  series for all my new naturalistas and today’s topic is transitioning.

Above is an actual picture of me during my transition period, its not cute and transition was not fun for me… I big chopped less than 2 weeks later. Many of us would like to have the best of both worlds, going natural whilst not losing any length and in theory transitioning sounds like a dream, but to my dismay handling 2 completely different textures was a nightmare, here are somethings I wish i knew when I was transitioning.

1.Protective styling

I wish I new that I didn’t have to wear my hair out all the them, or even at all. At the time I felt that transitioning with protective styles was kinda like cheating the system. I wish someone would have told me that nobody cares how you transition and of they do it’s none of their business.

2.Twist outs/ Braid outs

The trick to successfully transitioning and wearing your hair out is to try get the textures to match each other as much as possible, I did a version of this by straightening my hair, but that wasn’t healthy.  But these styles are a great way to blend the textures and prevent breakage. And this would have to be my biggest tip for transitioners

3.Product dynamics

Lastly when I was transitioning was using all the same products and my hair was not having it.  This is one of the toughest parts about transitioning is that different products may work on different parts of your hair and so you may end up using 1 product for your relaxed ends and another for your natural roots.

They don’t call it a journey for nothing, the trials and tribulations make you stranger and the end result is so worth it. this is the one time when you can experiment with your hair and let loose without many consequences…

Beauty and Splendour,




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