5 Things I learned from My Mother

As you all know yesterday was International mother’s day and i thought I would dedicate a post to all the things she;s taught me over the years.

1.Mother Always Knows best

As much as I hate to admit it over the years I have come to learn that my mother knew best. We’ve all been in that situation where your mother gives you advice or tells you something and you don’t listen and it turns out she was right and you’re in the corner with a face like a slapped arse because you didn’t listen.

2.Be a Realist

I for all intensive purposes am a true Gemini, my head is in the clouds and I always find myself doing a hundred-million things and with my hands in fifty jars and almost never getting anything all the way done. My mom has taught me to take a minute to slow down and look at things realistically look at: what I can do, will yield the results I want, what I will actually finish and what is just a waste of time.

3.Work hard

I don’t know anyone who works harder than my mother. In all honesty she is the most driven person i know when she puts her mind to something she more often than not will achieve it. One of the things she has taught me is that things, well at least those that really matter, very seldom come easy in life and if In want to achieve them I need to work for them.

 4.Go for your dreams

This is a biggie for me given that I am a dreamer. My mom loves to cook and one of the most inspiring moments in my life is when I got to see her put her all into it and go for her dream by opening a restaurant. She took a leap of faith and that was in all honest the best example of believing in yourself and your dreams.

5.Always be there to support people

I think that this is where the biggest part of my personality comes from and my happy disposition. I think that I am very aware of the way in which my actions make those around me feel. Since I was young I have always seen my mom be there for her friends and family no matter how bad the terms they are on may be when they need a shoulder to lean on she will always avail herself.

Growing up a lot of the time I did not  know why my  mom did certain things, but now that I am older I see that it all built me into the person that I am today and if i do say say so myself she did a great job. What are the most important lessons you learned from your mom?

Beauty and Splendour,



2 comments on “5 Things I learned from My Mother

  1. Great post! It’s funny to think how much a mum teaches you. I used to take for granted how much my mum knows and has taught me but now I can see she is right, just like you.

    Have a good one,


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