A Transition to Purer Skincare

Our skin is our largest organ. it is our body’s first layer of defense against the outside world and because of this it tends to be faced with tons of dirt, bacteria and just general gunk on a daily basis.

But alas with all the chemicals being put in our skincare products and ingredients lists as long as your arm you do start to wonder about what you are truly putting in and on your body and how these ingredients, which you probably can’t pronounce, are actually affecting your skin and your body as a whole?

The focus has moved from a focus on how pretty and fragrant products are to consumers learning about products, their quality and actually seeing if they deliver on their promises.

To a large extent I do think that move to using better ingredients has largely come into the spotlight because of the popularity of Asian skincare. I can unequivocally say that this philosophy of skincare has made has more aware of what we are putting on to our skin.

I have always been a skin care and beauty boffin and kitchen beautician too and it makes me so happy to see more companies showing up that have moved away from using chemicals, fillers and other related substances to adopting a more pure and clean approach to skincare and also taking a quality rather than quantity approach.

Beauty and Splendour,



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