Frugal Friend: The Floral Boot

Any one that knows me will tell you that I am extremely frugal and I will not spend more than I think I should on anything (except food). This mentality is very prevalent in my thoughts about trendy clothing. I don’t think theres a point in spending copious amounts of money on something that I am only going to wear for one season

There’s no doubt that embroidered floral are all the rave right now. You are literally seeing this trend on every single item of clothing and accessory meaning that these items of clothing ¬†can get a ¬†little pricey, but don’t worry you too can get the look for less.

These boots have pretty much not left my feet since I bought them. I have gotten so many compliments on these shoes and most people think that I spent half an arm on these shoes, but they were only R360 at ‘The Fix’. Yup you saw right I said R360. Don’t believe me, you can go check it out yourself.

Once again, I put you on. Don’t Sleep!

Beauty and Splendour,




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