How to get Acrylics Without Wrecking Your Nails

We all love a good manicure and sometimes you just want long nails, but your natural nails wont allow for that look. The solution is easy just get acrylics, but what happens when your acrylics turn against you and wreck your natural nails? Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the best of bot worlds

1.Its all in the removal

Part of the cause of damage is the way you remove your acrylics, acetone can corrode at your natural nails causing them to be thin  flimsy. a better way top remove your nails to use a mixture of hot water, coconut oil and salt/ bicarbonate of soda an let your nails soak in this mixture instead. Yeas it does take longer, but it is so much better for you nails.

2.Let them breath

This one does seem  bit counter intuitive, but sometimes you need to give your nails and break and just let them breathe. embrace how they look and wear them natural. especially if they are already thin.

3.Take care

lastly you need to take care of your nails whether they are ion their natural state or if you have extensions. Make sure you’re oiling your cuticles at least once a week and when you take your acrylic off make sure to apply a strengthening treatment.

I hope these tips will help you.

Beauty and Splendour,



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