Pet Peeves of a Girl with Temperamental Skin

I didn’t grow up with any form of acne, but that being said my skin hasn’t always been clear and calm. Over the years of having to deal with breakouts and dry patches I’ve come to learn a few things about skincare which to some degree have fed into some of my biggest peeves. And surprise surprise all of them involve bacteria and your hands (maybe I just have a fear of hands).

First and definitely the one that bothers me the least is products that come in jars. Like why must I dip my fingers into the product and contaminate the product every time I want to use it? Also I know that you know that some of the ingredients in this product lose their effectiveness once exposed to air, why are you letting me use a substandard product? Just out it in a pump top or a tube. Please.

I know us afro haired girls are typically like ‘Don’t touch my hair’. I am one exception to that that rule you can touch my hair all you want, but just don’t touch my face. In fact watching people continuously touch their own faces and pimples makes me cringe. Without any context this peeve seem pretty ridiculous, right? But there is a reason behind what causes breakouts is oil and bacterial and though we may not realise it our hands are filled with both of those and when you touch your face you transfer that oil and bacteria to your face which could cause breakouts.

Last but not least people that pop other people’s pimples without permission just irk me. Firstly ‘why are your hands on my face?’ Secondly ‘Do you not know that you are not supposed to pop pimples because then they scar?’ lastly (and slightly contradictory) ‘I had plans to pop that pimple myself!’ like I had already imagined how it was going to take place.

These are my most silly skincare related pet peeves and I do laugh at myself sometimes because some of these are really extreme. We all have silly things that get to us let me know what some of yours are.

Beauty and Splendour,



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