First impression: Himalaya Herbals peach Scrub

In recent years facial scrubs have been a bit of a controversial topic. From ‘should you scrub or not?’ to ‘Physical versus chemical scrubs and even ‘What types of beads are in your scrub?’ But for many people part of the secret to glowing skin is exfoliation.

This brand came into stores a few months ago and I have been meaning to try it since I first saw it. If you have read Skincare philosophy It will come as no surprise to you that anything organic, natural or hypoallergenic immediately peaks my interest and this brand checks two of those boxes. I chose this particular product to try first because I was in need of a scrub and this one peaked by interest through what it promised to do.

I don’t know about you, but when I think about peach kernel scrubs I usually expect thick gritty grains that can be really harsh, but this scrub strays from the norm.

Even though this is a scrub it is very creamy and moisturising which makes it perfect for dry girls like myself. It leaves your skin feeling clean and exfoliated, but also oh so soft and not tight in any way.

This scrub promises to help get rid of blackheads, which in all honesty I though was an empty promise, but again… I was wrong. At first I didn’t notice it but later in the day I looked closely at my skin and realised that the area where I usually have blackheads was looking a lot smoother than usual

Beauty  and Splendour,



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