Month in Review: March 2017

For the past week I was thinking about what I was going to write about this month and then I saw this picture and thought ‘Yup! This is pretty much how he month went’.

March has seriously been struggle city for me, but it wasn’t all bad: no matter how low the lows were there was always something good to balance it out. So much has happened for example whilst most people started uni in February the 13th of March was the Date of my first lecture (Crazy, Right). But I kid you not, from that day I feel like I have been playing catch up with my work or I work really hard on something and not achieve the result I wanted, because of this I learned to be really grateful for ll the good things that did happen.

The biggest lesson for me this month has three parts. Firstly sometimes you will put effort into things and  not get the desired outcome, but you cant let that stop you. Secondly sometimes you just wont be in the mood to do things, drag yourself out of bed and do them because the task wont go away. And lastly this is a combination of the first two no matter what happens it is always my responsibility to be successful.

Its not all rainbows and unicorns, but there is always something to learn from your experiences.

Beauty and Splendour,



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