Top 3 Nail Growth Tips

There is nothing worse than growing out your nails only to have one break so now you have to cut all the others and go back to square one. I chose to write this post today because I just had this happen to me and it is so frustrating, But not to worry because these tips will have your nails growing like weeds.

1. Oil your cuticles

If you are avid about getting manicures this tip might be obvious, but what is important is what oil you use and how you use it. Firstly the best oil to use for this tip is coconut oil (because we know it solves all problems) but seriously because this oil contains protein it is amazing to help you grow not only long nails, but strong nails too. Secondly heat your oil up a little before you use it, this will help it penetrate better and make the treatment more intensive.

2.Soak your nails in Orange Juice

This is the easiest tip to prepare for. Grab/ squeeze some orange juice, put it in a bowl then submerge your fingers in the bowl for 10 minutes and then rise. As we all know oranges are high in vitamin C which is a component the body uses to grown nails.

3.Onion/ Garlic Mask

This one is a little bit out there and it does smell, but if you are serious about these nails you will know that it does the things. It is simple to use: finely chop up or blend wither garlic or onion into a paste and apply this past to your nails, let it sit for around 15 minutes and rinse off. Why this works is because both onions and garlic contain high levels of sulphur which is essential to nail growth.

Short nails be gone!

Beauty and Spendour,



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