3 Skincare Mistakes You Are Probably Making

1.Your neck is part of your face  

A lot of the time you can tell how old someone  really is by looking at their neck. Its all good and dandy taking care of you face, but a lot oft he time people forget to give their neck some love too. Next time you do your skin take a little extra caution to put products on your neck too, you be suprized at the result

2.Not basing your routine in the season  

This is something that a lot of people don’t think about, but the seasons have different effects on your skin. In winter your skin will tend to be dryer and so this is when you should make sure that your skin is always adequately moisturized. I mean you change your wardrobe for the seasons why not do the same with your skincare.

3.Not giving your serum enough time to work its magic  

Last, but not least this is one that  I only recently learnt about. But you are actually supposed to give your serum 20 minutes to skin in before you apply any products on top of it. Yes, 20 minutes does seem like a long time, but if you was your face a little earlier you can always do other things while you wait for it to skin in.

And a little bonus tip for the road. when applying you product make sure to always rub upwards to counter act the effects of gravity.

Beauty and Splendour,



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