Tips to Stay Organised as a Law Student + Free Printables

This blog post was inspired by the fact that I realised that I needed to be more interactive and proactive on my blog in order to build a community of people that share tips and also help each other. Being in university and just being a student in general can be difficult, but I have found that the quickest way to make it easier is to stay organised. These are a few ways in which I have learnt to stay organised as s student.

The first tip is one that I didn’t really believe in when I started university because I was the number advocate for organised chaos but the saying ‘Clean space clear mind’ is really true. I find that when my room/work space is messy I get distracted easily and I feel as if my min id all over the place. If you can manage to keep your space clean or take some time to clean your space before you work, it helps you to know where everything is, but also gives you peace of mind.

The next tip helps you to know where everything is. But you do need to organise your notes and previous tests for each subject. Knowing where to find the things related to each course and even each section of work just makes it easier because you don’t have papers lying all over your room and you also know where to find things if you need to refer back to them. Another thing that will help you improve on his tip is colour co-ordination if you give each subject or section a colour it makes things easier because then you know all the greens go together, all the blues, all the pinks and so on a so forth.

Lastly this is s bot of a multi-faceted tip but you do need to create a schedule, you will need a planner for this one. If you don’t have a planner check out my printables. It is important to treat your studies like a job, wake up at a certain time and use daily to do lists to make sure you get through certain tasks buy the end of the day. Secondly you need to know which times of the year are busy and when all your due dates are so you can use monthly planners to keep track of this. If you are looking for some planners I did take the time to make some for you guys and I do use them myself so check out my printable to help you stay organised.

Being in school can be tough and you can get overwhelmed, I hope these tips help to make it this much easier. If you have any other tips that you find helpful feel free to share them in the comments section and let’s get to helping each other.

Beauty and Splendour,



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