How I Use Tea Tree Oil

Essential oils have many benefits and people use them in different ways, but it can be difficult to know how to use them if you’ve never used them before. Some use this oil to help with acne and pimples, but my skin is too sensitive for me to use it in that way so when using this oil my focus is on my scalp. Here are a few ways which I use tea tree oil.

I have dry scalp which can sometimes lead to dandruff. Tea tree oil is both anti- bacterial and anti-fungal so it is great to use either to prevent dandruff or get rid of it, it is also pretty good for dry scalp. The first way that I use this oil is by mixing a few drops into my shampoo.

I am a huge fan of hot oil treatments to help with my dry scalp so I will add 5 drops of tea tree oil to whatever oil mixture I am using that day. Tea tree oil also stimulates blood flow to the scalp meaning that after you apply it there is a cooling sensation on your scalp which it great after you have been waiting to itch your scalp.

Scalp elixir, I will be u writing a post on my weekly hair routine soon, but if my scalp is looking and feeling dry and itchy on the days that I am refreshing my hair I will mix about 5 drops of this oil into whatever oil I’m using that day and massage it into my scalp to help clear some of the build-up, but also to relieve the itchiness. This is a great way for people who love weaves to use tea tree oil between washes.

If you are also a lover of essentials oils let me know what some of your favourites are and how you use them below. Or if you are stuck on how to use certain oils let me know down below and I’ll see if I can help you.

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3 comments on “How I Use Tea Tree Oil

  1. I love Tea Tree oil but I have yet to try hot oil treatments. I’m a huge fan of Tea Tree oil, it’s one of my faves, and Olive oil. I too used to battle dry scalp but once I found out about TT oil I was set!

    I apply Olive Oil to any lotion or moisturizer and I’ve noticed a difference in that I don’t get as ashy as I used to be hahah & my skin is even more smoother than it was before!

    Thanks so much for sharing xx


    • It’s a pleasure. As a fellow dry and ashy person I completely understand the struggle. olive oil is great I have actually given up using lotion all together because I just find that my skin is so much better when I just use oils.

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      • Yayy it means I’m not alone! The ashy struggle is real hahaha..

        Wait, I find the complete opposite when I use just oils with no lotion. Even with the great Olive oil, but that’s great you’re able to get away with just oils tho 🙂


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