A magical Surprise


I think this title is completely appropriate because goodness me did this product shock me. About a month ago I was having some serious trouble with my skin because like any true Gemini it had no idea what it wanted.  ‘What is this magical product?’ I hear you ask it’s the Gentle magic skincare serum

Anyone who has heard of this brand probably knows that gentle magic is like ratch central so be being a skincare snob when my mom told me to try this product I turned my nose up at her and I was seriously very confused. But desperate times do call for desperate measures.

Once again I am a little annoyed to say ‘Mother really does know best’. Usually it takes a month to six weeks for me to really see results with a new product but this product is really fast acting. After the first week I noticed that my skin had calmed down a lot and that I has no new breakouts. Week two and my skin was brighter which to me is a miracle because my skin is usually duller than a grey sky. From there on the results just keep getting better and better.

When looking at the ingredients list I realised that I should have expected nothing but the best from this product because it contains MSM. MSM is a form of sulphur and this ingredient has benefits such as fighting acne bacteria, healing eczema and slowing down the effects of aging

Boy Oh Boy am I shocked, but also happy to have found this product I definitely going to make it a staple in my routine. With its easy availability and its low low price there’s no reason for me to hate this product. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Beauty and Splendour,




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