In My element… Literally


Of all the four elements: Fire, water, wind and earth I find myself most connected to water and so it comes as a shock to most people that I haven’t been in a pool in close to three years, but today all that changed.

Like many encounters at first it was cold, uncomfortable and awkward. Then after a few minutes things warmed up and it was like catching up with an old friend and nothing had changed between us.

I took a moment to close my eyes and enjoy the moment and I realised that even though nothing was happening and I was so calm my heart was racing at a hundred miles an hour, at this glorious moment my body couldn’t slow down.  I realised that life does get stressful and sometimes it does seem like there are a million things to do and no time to stop even if you are exhausted or it could be the opposite where you feel like you are stuck with nowhere else to go. In both situations it is important to take time out, step away and return to your task with a renewed energy

For me being in water is a feeling I can’t explain honestly for me it’s a form of meditation, place where I am weightless and supported, it’s the  only place where the only thing holding me back is myself and where anything is possible if you just dare.  I think it is important for me to sometimes take a moment to just be calm especially when things aren’t going according to plan and like water I need to be flexible and fluid so I bend and don’t break.

This experience was exactly what I needed because so much of the time I get caught up in all the things I still need to do and forget to just stop and look around. This time I stayed until I was high on chlorine fumes, but it was well worth it.

Remember always to take time for you.

Beauty and splendour,




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