My Skincare philosophy

My friends and I always joke that I there is a part of my soul that was dropped in the wrong place because I have an inner Cally from the Valley who drinks green juices, does hot yoga and only eats organic, that no one can explain. Cally is honestly a large part of my skincare philosophy because I believe in taking simple and holistic approach to skincare.

If you’ve read ‘A healthy body is and happy body’ you know what I mean when I say our bodies operate as one large machine so you need to take care of yourself. But what I didn’t talk about in that post is what you eat. Don’t think that what you put in your body wont show up on your body because I promise you it does. The number one tip I can give anyone is DRINK YOUR WATER, if you’re not gonna eat healthy at least do this one thing.

The second step is simplicity and this is a two part effect. Firstly try to keep your routine as simple as possible most of us live fast paced lives so we try to cram as much as possible into as little time as possible and if you have a gazillion products you’re probably not going to ensure you put all of them onto you face every day so keep it minimalistic.

What’s more simple that nature. Before we had huge cosmetic brands and products mixed in labs all we had was nature. So whenever possible I do try to use products that are as natural as possible because ingredients are important and when it’s natural you know that you are getting 100% goodness.

There are as many approaches as there are people so find what works for you and enjoy the adventure on your way there.

Beauty and splendour,



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