Braided Break


Box braids and twists are my go to styles, but I decided to take a break from them, not because I wasn’t enjoying then, but because I realised that despite being natural for two and a half years I didn’t know my hair. I don’t have any go to products that I know will work or a routine and for my type A personality this is weird because I like for things to be pragmatic and structured.

So I decided that for the summer I was going to wear my hair out and figure out what on earth my plan of action would be when it came to my hair. In order for it to fit into my lifestyle it need to be quick, easy and simple.

So I have devised a plan of action using a process of elimination. What I do know is that I am definitely a shampoo girl, no co-washing here, it’s just not form me. Hot oil treatments are a must because I have a dry scalp and we need to keep that under control. What concerns me the most is finding a routine for when I get out the shower.

I know that my hair responds well to natural product and in a perfect world I would be making all of my own hair care products, but honestly don’t always have the time for DIYs so I actually now have to go through a delayed product junkie phase and find what store bought products work for me.

Given everything that I do know I realise that my biggest concerns are finding products that work and ways to style my hair that last especially because I am such a fan of protective styling.

Find staple products is quite a hit and miss process and it requires some patience so I hope I will have enough to come out on the other side with a healthy head of hair.

Beauty and Splendour,



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