Oil of the month: Avocado Oil


Like many may girls with natural hair I have a very good relationship with coconut oil (I honestly don’t Know what I would do without it). but recently I’ve felt the need to get out of my comfort zone and try new oils, not only for my skin, but my hair too. Many people have said that avocado oil may be the new coconut oil so I felt it appropriate for the second stop of my journey through oil discovery is Avocado oil.

Avocado oil has many benefits not only for hair, but for skin too.

These benefits include:

  •  Moisturizing dry, brittle and damaged hair
  • Boosting Scalp health
  • Treating Psoriasis and Eczema
  • Helping with acne problems
  • Increasing collagen production

When I fist started using avocado oil  for my hair I would put it on my hair and scalp every night and I honestly felt that it was doing nothing for my hair, even possibly drying it out. The I realised I was doing it all wrong Avocado oil is a humectant and because the air has been dry lately  and I haven’t been putting any water on my hair this was causing the oil to draw the moisture out of my hair instead of into it.

Once I realised the reason for my hair feeling so dry I tried something different. I now use Avocado oil on wet or damp hair after I wash it and its changed my styling process so much. Dangling was a breeze, my hair is moisturized, soft and so shiny, but not greasy. A little bit of this oil really does go a long way and I will continue to use it on wash day as part of my LOC method.

I would really love to use this oil for my skin too because I feel that it could be really beneficial, but unfortunately I have really dry skin and this oil is too lightweight so it leaves my skin dry, but I will make sure to dry it in warmer climates  and in combination with my coconut oil and/or shea butter to see how it works.

Overall after my initial struggle I am really pleased with this oil. Sometimes you may think a product is not be working for you hair/skin, but you may just need to play around with it and change the way you use and you may have a completely different experience.

If you have tried avocado oil let me know how your experience was in the comments below.

Beauty and Splendor,


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