20 Things I Learned At 20


Tomorrow’s my birthday so in memory of The year of 20 I’m going to do a post on 20 things I leaned at 20.

  1.  Being an adult is an abstract concept
    1. I’ve literally been feeling like I’m waiting to become a real adult and some point the year I realised that it’s not going to happen all that needs to happen is that I need to become a responsible child.
  2.  Mom was right
    1. i Know it’s annoying, but so many times this year I realised why my mom told me certain things and quite honestly it’s like she’s psychic
  3.  There’s a difference between spiritual and religious
    1. I’ve always had a tough time dealing this the rigid lines of what you should and shouldn’t do brought through by religion, this year I realised that I can do things my way and that is what spirituality is about…
  4.  It’s okay not to be okay
    1. As a person who has a happy and energetic disposition i find it difficult to deal with my negative emotions because I feel like I’m dwelling on the negative.
  5.  Don’t be a negative Nancy
    1. The sign of a beautiful person is that they see beauty in others. When you focus on the negative you start to only see the downside to many situations. Always look for the upside in a situation
  6.  Give it time
    1. When ever something bad happens it seems like you’re going to feel that way forever, but time heals most wounds and makes others easier to deal with.
  7. Your past will come knocking, don’t answer
    1. This relates to the point above something might some around to remind you of a past event, dont let it drag you back into how you felt when the event first took place.
  8.  Nobody has time, people make time
    1. I realised that my excuse for not doing the things I really want to do is that I don’t have time, but honestly no body has time, but people make time for the thing they think are important.
  9.   Do what you want
  10. If you don’t ask the answer will always be no
  11. You have nothing to lose by trying
  12.  Other people’s truths wont always apply to you
    1. suceed that’s great, but if you fail you will have the joy of knowing that you tried.
  13.  You become like the 5 people you spend the most time with
    1. Choose your firends wisely
  14.   Don’t let anyone stop you from being you
  15.  You become what you think
  16.  Never stop learning
  17.  Start the day early
    1. The earlier you wake uo the  more you getr done
  18.  Wake up slowly
    1. Dont rush i to the day take tine to relax and think
  19.  Being in nature is good for you
    1. I really enjoy being it naturqal places it just puts everything back into perspective and reminds me that theres so much more than just yself out there
  20.  Take a Break
    1. take some time out for yourself…

Here’s to a year of adventures and much more…

Beauty and Splendor



2 comments on “20 Things I Learned At 20

  1. Im currently 26 and i feel like these rules are spot on and will carry you throughout your twenties.

    I had a site change, when you get a moment check it out and subscribe/follow, its all my beloved randomness with more to comehttp://lifeseverydayrandomness.com/


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