Hair Update #1


Before I get into the update let me just give you guys a bit of background. So I have been natural since June of 2014 and I have always had very easy to manage hair it was normal porosity with a great protein balance, but it would get a bit dry every now and again, but my routine was pretty simple then in November of 2015 I decided to dye my hair because I was getting very bored of it and all was well and it didn’t get damaged at all.

But recently my hair literally just changed a lot and all the things that used to work on it no longer do, but my hair is not damaged and does not present the normal signs of damage.

Firstly my hair was soft and wasn’t dry but it didn’t feel good so I tried a light protein treatment (which I was very sceptical about because my hair is protein sensitive) and that helped a little but not really so I deep conditioned for a few days after that treatment and my hair seems to be doing well now.

Secondly is now very low porosity and all that seems to work in terms of styling is water and castor oil and co-washing which is a lot simpler that my routine before and it also means that I now have to change the way in which I style my hair.

Honestly this change unexpectedly came at a good time because I am trying to grow my hair to Bra strap length (BSL) by November which means that I now Have to change the way in which I manage my hair and actually put effort into making sure my hair is healthy so I retain length and so that I do actually react my hair goals.

This journey has honestly been stressful, but also a good adventure and I’m excited to see how my hair grows and changes.

Beauty and Splendour,



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