5 Tips for Changing Your Style


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I recently lost about 10kgs and so most of my clothing doesn’t really fit me and so I thought to myself this would be a great time to change my style as I have been looking to try some new outfits. These are my top tips for how to change up your style.

Firstly if you going to change something you are going to need to start on a clean slate, not this does not mean get rid of all your clothing. You’re going to need to purge go through your wardrobe and be honest with yourself about what you and don’t wear and what you do and don’t like, this is also a good time to see what you have in your wardrobe.

Now after purging your wardrobe might feel a little empty and you might want to just go out and by a whole bunch new clothing, but don’t do that. If you go straight into shopping you are more likely to get pieces that you don’t really like and that might not fit into your new style so DO NOT GO SHOPPING (at least right away). This is a great opportunity to look at what you now have in your wardrobe and creating new outfit combinations from what you already have.

Thirdly you are going to have to decide what your new style is. So go crazy and find some inspiration you can do this by looking at magazines, looking at various blogs, Instagram accounts and other websites such as tumblr and look at outfit combinations and use them to inspire you.

One you know what kind of style you want to have you can start shopping and don’t do all your shopping all at once do it over a period of a few months just so you aren’t buying a lot of the same thing and you can also start predicting future trends and getting staples that you will use for a few years.

Last but not least make sure you have fun. This is an experimental phase so you can wear outfits that are not within the norm for you so go crazy and get out of your comfort zone who knows you may just create some combo that you were scared to try, but they change the way your dress forever.

I hope these tips help you in your journey to discovering your style. Keep in mind that getting dressed is supposed to be fun and you are supposed to feel good when you dress up so don’t take clothes and trends too seriously and wear what makes you feel good.

Beauty and Splendour,



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