Meat Free May update #1


Two posts in three days!!! What??? It’s nothing special this update was supposed to be up on Monday, but University happen… Sorry.

This post is long over dues o lets just get right back into it. If you’re new to my blog you might want to start by reading my first post on MeatFreeMay. On the first day of may i very quickly realised how unprepared I was to start this journey, when I went grocer shopping I bought a whole lot of stuff with no actual meals in mind so I had a bunch of veggies and starch, but no sources of protein so I did some research (Mostly just looking at pictures on tumblr) for inspiration and I went out to get more supplies.

The second day was great I had so much energy and I felt light, it was literally the best I’ve felt in ages, but what goes up must come down and for the next few days I felt like absolute trash, I don’t know if I was having meat withdraws or if it was something else, but wow it was bad.

All in all this week was great, I haven’t seen any symptoms of my anemia (if any thing it’s gotten better) and my blood sugar levels a have been pretty stable this week. I had a great first week (except for the two days when I was super tired, sluggish and had a headache).

One thing I learnt very quickly in this week is that I’m all about quick easy food because I’m in university and I don’t have hours to spend cooking food so if you guys would like me to do a what I ate in a day post or even share some recipes that i used in this week let me know and I’ll get right into  it.

Beauty and Splendor,




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