ORS Smooth ‘n Hold Pudding Review


As I said in my hair update I have being going through a lot of changes with trying to figure out what products work for my hair and how to take care of it with all of its changes.

I started using this product about a year ago for my twist outs on wet hair my hair loved this product and it was literally a holy grail product, but recently it just stopped working for my hair and it made my hair feel very greasy, but dry which I didn’t like. This is my advice on the product for different types of hair.

If you have normal to high porosity hair you would want to use this product on soaking wet hair as the C in your L.C.O method. Because water is the first ingredient in this product it will aid your leave in in moisturiser in making sure your hair is as moisturised as it needs to be what happens in this case is that you end up using less product because the water is in your hair and enters your follicles and the product helps to keep the moisture of the water in.

However if you have low porosity hair you would want to use this product not at a styler for fresher hair, but as a refresher so when you are retwisting on dry hair apply this product and then seal with your favourite oil using water will just fill your hair follicles up too much and then the product just end up sitting on your hair and when your hair dries the water is no longer on your hair and you are left with dry greasy hair which leads to damage.

I thought this product would never work for me again, but I had still been using it in one way without thinking about what else I could have done. This just goes to show that sometimes it’s not about your hair texture, but your hair type and that a product will work differently for different people you just need to look at new ways to use products and make them work for you.

Beauty and Splendour



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