Oil of the Month: Castor oil

VSCO Cam-4-1

In recently decided to experiment more with my oil selection and leave the original bae (coconut oil to try out some new things) because my hair has sadly not been liking coconut oil that  much recently.

The colder weather came to cape town a little bit early this year so I decided that castor oil would be a great place to start as it would make a great sealant because it is thick and great at protecting one’s ends.

At the beginning of my healthy hair journey (when my hair was still relaxed) this I used a mixture of Castor oil and coconut oil, in the winter months to try thicken up my thin, dry brittle hair and it really made a huge difference.

Some of the benefits of cast oil  include:

  •  Prevening  hair loss
  • Help fight against follliculitus, dandruff and scalp infections
  • Helps increase circulation to the scalp and improve hair growth
  • Help balance scalp pH which can also help replenish the scalp’s natural oils and undo some of the damage of harsh chemical hair product
  • The antioxidants in castor oil also support the keratin in hair and help make hair stronger, smoother and less frizzy

I personally use Castor oil in 2 ways. Firstly I use it when refreshing/ Styling my hair before bed so I will sprits my hair with some water so that it’s a little bit damp then apply castor oil, detangle then braid or twist my hair for the night. Secondly I use it as edge control because it smoothes the hair on my edges whitest helping to regrow them.

As a result of the change in my routine my hair is the softest it’s ever been and a combination of protective styling and my daily refreshing routine using castor oil. I think when I eventually finalize my winter hair care routine castor oil will be a permanent part of it.

The next stop is Almond oil, let’s hope it doesn’t undo all the good that castor oil has done.

Beauty and Splendor,




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