Top 4 tips for styling 4c hair

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Screenshot_2015-11-20-17-06-29-1I understand that having natural hair con be frustrating because at times you feel like  you are putting in all the work and not getting the results you want.

My first tip is make sure your hair is moisturized. this may seem like the most basic tip on earth but honestly it makes a huge difference because it will reduce the number of tangles you get, your hair will look healthier and your style will last longer because your hair isn’t sucking in moisture from the air.

Two is making sure that your hair is detangled. This literally makes a world of difference because it allows you to stretch your hair better and thus giving your style  more definition.

Related to detangling is smoothing your hair what this goes it it gets rid of all the kinks in your hair allowing your hair to take the shape of the style you are doing a lot better. Keep in mind that detangled hair is a lot easier to smooth down.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘patience is a virtue’ and this is very important to remember when styling natural hair. Firstly when doing the style you need to take your time to make sure that you do everything properly. Secondly WAIT FOR YOUR HAIR TO DRY this is a mistake we all make but it is very important to make sure your hair is all the way dry before you take the style down.. Lastly when you take the style down don’t rush because this will create frizz.

I hope these tips help you get the most from your styles.

Beauty and Splendor,

Siphelele Mnisi




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