Velvet Victory

Like I’ve said before Cape Town is the city where I was born to be and one of the reasons for this is because there so much to do here and always new places to explore, this time I found a place for those of you with a sweet tooth .

The Oreo base cheesecake is one of the best things I’ve tasted.

On 16 Loop street Tucked between two small shops you will find the Velvet Cake Company, it’s so small that you could almost miss it, but keep your eyes open because it will be worth your while. This bakery has amazing treats at a reasonable price that will suite even a student budget.

They may have a small range of desserts available, but most of what their selection will create a party in your mouth. The design of their shop is minimalistic and clean with a bit of wimsy making it a great place for a photo op. the staff are friendly and are will to help you if you’re  not sure what to order.

If you are in cape Town and in need of some Cake go through to 16 Loop Street I promise it will be worth your while.

Beauty and Splendor



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