Natural Curiosity

As a natural girl there are certain things that everyone raves about such a coconut oil, apple cider vinegar rinses and aloe vera juice and honestly sometimes you feel like you aren’t a certified natural until you try these things out.

Lately I have been wearing my hair out more often and experimenting with my hair has become a but part of my life and so I only find it appropriate to share my natural hair journey with  you guys. I honestly don’t know it all but I’m hoping that I can help someone out there and that I too can learn.

I am very interested in hair care/ skincare and being a kitchen beautician. Knowing what I am actually consuming and putting onto my hair and skin is very important to me and I want to share that passion with you guys.

So I’m taking you guys with me on my journey to becoming a certified natural and product junky and telling you what I honestly think about certain products.

Beauty ans Splendor,



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