An unexpected change

Anyone who knows me will tell you will tell you that I love my braids and my hair is always braided. They will also tell you that I’ve never understood the type of girls who undo their braids because the “missed their hair”… Like what does that even mean?

Nut for the past month I’ve had my natural hair out and although it was tiring trying to find a way to style it everyday and wash days took forever I really liked it. It was different, it was fun and it was versatile. I loved it and the moment I got my hair braided something changed and I was not as excited about having my hair done.

After three days of having my hair in braids I’ve finally figured out whats different… It pains me to say thing and I don’t even know how or why it happened, but “I miss my hair” how is it that I became the one type of person I never understood. How did I becoming that annoying girl.

Its clear to me that time passes and things change, but sometimes you become the person you dreaded the most and you don’t even know how you got there. But the question is; how do you go back to being the person you actually saw yourself as?

Beauty and Splendor



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