A Porky Predicament

The general rule in my life when it comes to pork is that I’m not a huge fan if this type of meat. But like every rule there is an exception and for me this Happens to be Bacon. I am absolute in-love with bacon so in love that I would live off of it.

So you can imagine my absolute joy when I found out that a restaurant that sells all things bacon was opening in my city. Bacon on Bree was a dream come true so much so that I almost had my 20th Birthday lunch there.

In hindsight I realised that all things happen for a reason and I am happy that my birthday plans didn’t come together because Bacon on Bree was honestly an utter disappointment. It is very difficult to make me dislike anything with bacon in it and some how they manged to get it right.

I had the anti-hero which is a simply as crispy bacon sandwich and the Selma. The anti-hero would have been perfect, but instead of my bacon being crispy it was simply just burnt which ruined everything and as for the Selma it is a very beautiful burger which makes you very excited and it does taste great until the sauce hits you, for a burger sauce it is just so overwhelmingly salty that it makes it impossible to finish the whole burger.

Despite this I did have a good time, because even though the restaurant was busy the service was amazing, our waiter really was there whenever we needed him and their beverages were amazing (I suggest you have their iced coffee). I guess the fact that I don’t like their food serves to my advantage, because I would pretty much live there if I did.

If you have been to Bacon on Bree please feel free to share you experiences below and we’ll get to chatting.

Beauty and Splendor



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