30 Things about me

The first post is always the most stressful… “What do I blog about?” Is always the million dollar question si why not letting you get to know me with 30 (somewhat random) facts about me.

1. My full name is Siphelele Indira Faith   Mnisi
2. My primary occupation is being a UCT student, so I spend most of my year in Cape Town.
3. I am 162.5cm tall (can’t forget the .5)
4. My favorite colour is purple
5. I am a Gemini
6. I have the hugest fear of snakes
7. I have 6 piercings
8. One thing that really annoys me is the sound of chewing
9. I am Christian
10. I enjoy taking naps on the sun
11. But I find rain very calming
12. And my favourite season is winter
13. I’m allergic to all fury animals and some flowers
14. Orchids are my favourite flowers… partially because I’m not allergic to them
15. I am passionate about beauty, fashion and fitness.
16. I think the best movies are those that are based on books.  But the movie is never better than the book.
17. I’m very indecisive, but when I make up my mind I stick to it
18. I’m very ambitious… I wanna do it all
19. I’m a huge foodie
20. But I don’t have a favourite food ( there’s just so much to choose from)
21. My hair is natural,  hence ” bright eyed and bushy haired”
22. Braids and buns are everything, they make my life so much easier
23. I will fall in love with anything vanilla scented
24. Some girls like shoes; I’m more of a bag girl
25. I also have an unexplained obsession with cups and mugs: the bigger the better
26. I’m really fussy about being punctual
27. I also have about 5 to do lists at any given time
28. I am probably the weirdest person that most people will meet.
29. I was born on a Tuesday
30.  And lastly my birthday is on the 30th of May

This was actually more difficult than it seems, but it was also a lot of fun.

Beauty and Splendour


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